Dealing with Difficult People

Course Outline:

  • Dealing with Difficult People is a 1 day course, focusing on sensitive and constructive methods for clear, positive communications.
  • it is important to know that Conflict needs to be handled well to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Conflict, at its root, is basically a difference of opinion and, if addressed and explored, with differences resolved in a constructive way, the very thing we wish to avoid can be the basis for a stronger and more effective working relationship.
  • When Conflict is handled well, it builds better understanding, greater trust and, as a result, potentially better productivity.

Course Content:

  • What triggers negative behaviour
  • Personal and prepared case studies
  • Understanding and dealing with negative behaviour
  • Practise challenging difficult behaviour by using a developed model for positive communication
  • Counselling, discipline, and other management options

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