Abrasive Wheels

Date(s) - 27/05/2022
All Day


If your working environment involves the use of abrasive wheel tools, and you want to ensure the effective and safe use of them, then these courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills to make sure that the abrasive wheel tools are being operated correctly and safely.Upon successful completion of a course you will attain a certificate of training in your chosen abrasive wheel tools.
  • Understand the nature of the hazards and identify the causes.
  • Identify and understand requirements and responsibilities under the current legislation.
  • Understand the characteristics of abrasive and their action.
  • Understand and interpret the marking system of abrasive wheels.
  • Recognise the need for careful handling of abrasive wheels and carry out visual check and ring tests (bench grinders).
  • Understand and identify what speeds should be adhered to in wheel selection.
  • Identify main components and understand their functions.
  • Mount an abrasive wheel and /or a diamond blade.
  • Understand the difference between truing and dressing a wheel, undertake dressing a wheel and identify dressers (bench grinders).
  • Adjust work rests correctly (bench grinders).
  • Use operating precautions and be aware of avoiding hazardous conditions.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge on abrasive wheels and diamond blades.
  • Carry out daily maintenance on petrol powered machines.



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