Course Outline

The FACTS Certificate is a certificate of competence, which proves that the holder has a satisfactory level of competence and knowledge in the need for safe and effective use of fertilisers in the major UK arable crops (and grassland).

The overall aim of the course is that at the end of training, coupled with previous practical experience, candidates will have a basic understanding of fertilisers and their use to enable them to give advice to farmer and growers, which is economically and
environmentally sound. The emphasis will be on practical knowledge applicable when advising farmers and growers.

Instructor/Trainee Ratio: Max: 1:12 Min 1:8

Course Content

Course Modules:
1. The soil in relation to plant nutrition
2. Organic nutrient sources
3. The nature and properties of fertilisers
4. Crop nutrients in plants and the factors influencing nutrient management planning
5. Use of fertilisers on the main crop groups in the UK
6. The transport, storage and handling of fertilisers
7. Application of fertilisers
8. Code of Good Agricultural Practice and legal and other requirements to protect the environment

Written paper consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions and scenario question – incorporating a nutrient planning exercise. Viva panel.
CPD Points:
NRoSO: 6

Who Is This Course For?

Advisers, farmers, farm managers who wish to improve their awareness, knowledge and skills in arable crop production and management.

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