The Price of Training

If you are honest do you think of training as a cost or a benefit? We may be a little bias because we provide training – so we see our courses as a benefit. The Health and Safety Executive continue to highlight accidents involving agricultural equipment. When this happens the price of training oftens seems as though it would have been very cheap.

Apart from the financial cost the human cost is often incalculably high. For an instructor or tutor the worst course is the one run as a result of an accident. Our instructors are well aware of how injuries and fatalities are caused and much prefer to provide that advice before rather than after an accident.

Agriculture has always had a level of self reliance and sorting out challenges, be they mechanical, political or weather based. With all the pressures we have training is a useful way of reducing that load.

With many , many years of experience in providing and adapting courses Chelmsford and West Essex, along with their tutors and instructors are available to help ensure you and your staff have the right skills to avoid that injury or accident.

Please contact us HERE .  It isn’t  just Health and Safety, we  prefer to call it  Staying Alive.

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