Nutrient Management Planning


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Who is this course for? Advisers, farmers, farm managers who wish to improve their awareness, knowledge and skills in arable crop production and management.

This course has been introduced as core Continued Professional Development (CPD) training to prepare FACTS Qualified Advisors (FQA’s) to manage the challenges of the Water Framework Directive (associated initiatives and regulations), greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and soil protection, while also improving farm profitability.

Current members of the FACTS register will need to complete this training by December 2017 if they are to retain their FQA (Fertiliser Qualified Advisor) status beyond 2017 The module can be used towards the BASIS Diploma in Agronomy

Instructor/Trainee Ratio: Max: 1:12 Min 1:6

Course Modules:
1. Achieving crop nitrogen utilisation efficiency
2. Managing farm phosphorus
3. Techniques for in field nutrient management
4. Efficient use of manures and other organic materials
5. Integration of nutrient management decisions with environmental regulations and policies, including nutrient
planning and record keeping.
6. Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) and farm


  •  A Web Based Assessment will be made available to all those who have completed the six CPD training modules and all those who subsequently complete the course.
  •  Successful completion of the Web Based Assessment will be necessary if members wish to retain their FQA Status.
  • To rejoin the FQA list, members will need to attend all 6 CPD training modules and take the exam: written paper and panel viva

CPD Points:

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