Rodenticide Clarification

We  now have the  latest authoritive information for  members of the  RED Tractor  Assurance Scheme:

   Buying Professional Rodenticides with your Red Tractor Certificate

Going forward, members of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme CAN CONTINUE to buy rodenticides with their Red Tractor member post December 2017. This benefit of being an assured producer looks to continue indefinitely.

In reviewing the Red Tractor Standards, the vermin control section is now in line with CRUU guidelines. This will require additional   actions from producers.

To remain compliant, members must ensure that permanent baiting must not be routinely undertaken and baits can only be sited where evidence shows they are being continuously effective. A site survey and risk assessment of watercourses and populations of non-target species should also be carried out and recorded before treatment.

This ensures assured farmers can buy professional rodenticides without further proof of competence.

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