Chairmans Report

Dear Member,


Once again we have reached the group’s financial year end, a time to reflect on the past 12 months, and look to the future.

What an interesting year, last time we were contemplating post Brexit uncertainty, a year on, and we are still contemplating it, and with a background of political intrigue, any government funding for training looks very unlikely.

However we have now completed our second year of self-sufficiency and with your continued support the group can cope with the current situation.


The committee has carefully examined the group’s finances, and with continued prudence, and a bit in reserve if needed, we are satisfied with our budget for this next year. We are equally mindful of everyone’s rising costs, so I am pleased to say that it was unanimously decided that membership fees and training rates, should remain the same for the forthcoming year.


A safer agricultural industry is based on good training, so while course rate are so competitive, this autumn is a good time to think about catching up with your training needs.


The combinable crop agronomy ( farmers / managers, spray operators ) and potato agronomy groups are costed individually according to expected attendance and running costs. These groups qualify for both NRoSO and Basis CPD points and meet at the key decision times during the year. If you or your spray operators would like to attend please let Debbie know.


We offer a wide range of courses through out the year, but if you have any specific training requirements, need an update on a regulatory course, or have suggestions for new or different courses then please contact Debbie.


Thank for your continued support and best wishes for harvest and the year ahead.


Yours sincerely,


John Upson


Training Group Chairman.